The PsyQuation Score™ is all about evaluating a trader’s edge

The PsyQuation Score™ is the result of 6+ years of scientific research combined with decades of trading experience. By analyzing the way a trader identifies and trades a unit of profit versus a unit of risk we are able to quantify a trader's skill.

PsyQuation Score™ analyses 4 key factors:

  • Score factor circle


    A confidence measure of a trader’s ability to turn a risk-adjusted trading opportunity into a profit

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    An essential element of a trader’s overall performance assessment is measuring how the trader manages the risk of all open positions and how they relate to each other.

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    Measures a trader's mistakes and penalizes the score as more core alerts are triggered.

  • Score factor circle


    A classic finance, risk-adjusted performance metric, using proprietary calibration techniques to measure actual performance as history.

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