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Money FM 07

Infrastructure plays regardless of US election outcome? The JPM Coin, private currency and more

Michelle Martin speaks to Michael Berman, CEO and Founder of Psyquation to discuss the divisive US election days ahead and the potential impact on markets, how investors can position …


Australia’s big banks face drag from mortgage lending amid COVID-19

Australia’s major banks may see their mortgage lending fall and defaults rise as the economy slows and borrowers feel the pinch from the coronavirus pandemic, putting a drag on a major …

Money FM 06

Money and Me: Day traders changing market dynamics?

Barstool Sports founder David Portnoy has made waves in recent weeks for his rambunctious day-trading and encouragement for similar risk-loving investors, the FED unveils stimulus and …

Desire to trade

Get MORE CAPITAL To Trade Forex with Axi Select!

In this episode of the Desire To Trade Podcast, Etienne Crete interviewed Michael Berman, co-founder of PsyQuation and part of the Axi Select program who gave an overview of the …

Startup O

A true original shares 7 ingredients for blazing a trail in entrepreneurship

Startup-O Stars in conversation with Michael Berman, founder of Psyquation, who shares his uniquely individual views on the entrepreneurial journey.

David Hobart

Beyond the Obvious – Mike Berman PhD

Mike Berman is co-founder and CEO of Psyquation, an AI driven analytics platform for traders. During this conversation, Mike talks about some interesting behavioural observations across …


PsyQuation offers an incubator for traders

Interview for ausbiz, Australia’s leading provider of live and on-demand video of the latest news in Australian business, markets, economy and startups.

Money FM 01

Your Money

A series of podcasts with Michael Berman, CEO and Co-Founder of PsyQuation for MONEY FM 89.3, Singapore’s first and only Business and Personal Finance station.

Money FM 02

Money and Me: Understanding market sentiment

Michelle Martin speaks with Michael Berman, CEO & Co-Founder of PsyQuation to discuss how investors are reacting to the economic downturn, the FED cutting rates and market sentiment …

Money FM 03

Money and Me: How is COVID 19 affecting traders

Michelle Martin speaks with Michael Berman, CEO and Co-Founder of PsyQuation to discuss how COVID 19 is affecting traders, how to prepare for volatile markets and how we can use artificial …

Money FM 04

Money and Me: China’s economic leverage, e-renminbi and the halving of Bitcoin

Australia is the developed world’s most Chinese reliant economy – how is it faring as China gradually reopens? China launched a trial of a digital yuan in four cities:,Shenzhen, Suzhou, …

Money FM 05

Money and Me: What actually is Quantitative Easing?

Central banks lenders of last resort but how exactly is money supply increased or decreased in markets? Is something being created out of nothing with QE? Dr Michael Berman, CEO and …

Yicai 01

U.S. dollar index breaks 100 again, offshore RMB festival breaks 7.15, welcomes volatility in May

The overseas market on May 1st Holidays fluctuated violently. On May 4, the US dollar/renminbi broke through the 7.15 mark. The Hong Kong Hang Seng Index fell more than 1,000 points to …

Yicai 02

Funds pouring out of emerging markets China may become “stabilizer” in May

A-shares have played a good role in diversifying risks in the investment portfolio, and it is expected that foreign capital will continue to allocate to the Chinese market in the medium …


The Role of Market Psychology: How Does Fear and Global Panic Affect Traders?

A leading expert in trading analytics, Dr Michael Berman, CEO of Sydney-based analytics platform PsyQuation, weighs in on the role that psychology plays in market patterns during times of …


Market Panic Correctly Blames the Corona Virus Incorrectly

PsyQuation CEO and Behavioural Economist Dr Michael Berman argues that thanks to the Corona Virus, financial markets are infected by a behavioural contagion which may drive greater and …