Use of data and data ownership

1. PsyQuation owns all data provided to or produced by PsyQuation.

2. PsyQuation will use data for research to collate collective trading information as a means of creating statistical trading data. Statistical data may be published on PsyQuation’s website for clients to access.

3. Data collated and analyzed by PsyQuation will be free of any personal identifiers. Use of PsyQuation’s services can be conducted in an anonymous manner. Any statistical data published by PsyQuation will be of a statistical nature only and will not reference specific traders, clients or trading history.

4. PsyQuation will not publish personal or individual trading information on its website. All personal or individual trading information is held in accordance with PsyQuation’s Privacy Policy.

Storage of data

1. All data submitted to PsyQuation is stored on a cloud based data storage system.

2. All records will be kept for a minimum of seven (7) years or in accordance with relevant regulatory requirements.

Issued by the Board of Directors of PsyQuation Pty Ltd, May 2016.