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Prove your skills and get funded up to AUD$500,000 to become a pro trader

About Axi Select

Axi Select provides a pathway for talented traders to access the capital funding they need to become pro traders. Prove that you’ve got the skills to be a top trader and we’ll back you with funding and professional development.

  • Criteria 1

    A structured and phased program for funding allocation

  • Criteria 2

    Guaranteed A$500,000 per qualified trader

  • Criteria 3

    More than A$10,000,000 of funding allocated

  • Criteria 4

    Earn a 20% performance fee on profits once you meet all the program criteria

Please note: you can qualify using a Live MT4 account from any broker. However, to fully join the program and receive trading capital you will need an Axi account under SVG regulation.

How to join the program

Get started with 3 easy steps

  • Step 1

    Step 1

    Create your PsyQuation Profile

  • Step 2

    Step 2

    Fulfil Program Criteria

  • Step 3

    Step 3

    Receive capital, trade and earn

Once you see that your trading account fulfils Program Criteria, contact Also, we are regularly checking our database and you can receive such notification from us.

What our participants say


Yes, without a doubt. PsyQuation helped a lot in my evolution as a trader.

Nelson Dias

  • Denis Avatar

    Denis Klimov



    After hearing about Axi Select, I set it my goal to qualify and focused on achieving it. I had no doubts and was motivated by its good prospects, and money. Eventually I qualified and Axi Select became a part of my life!

    I love that PsyQuation is a mix of friendly relations, competition, challenge, and development. Thanks to the PsyQuation Score I realized that I'm not so bad as a trader. It gave me confidence in my skills and that helped improve trading results.

  • Andrei Avatar

    Andrei Muresan



    I have been trading FX for 16 years with approximately 10 brokers and banks. I like that the PsyQuation Score showed me where I stand when compared to other traders. Also, it confirmed what I knew about myself before – that I am not a big-risk-taker.

    My goal is to be able to live from my trading results. I am going to reach it with Axi Select's help in raising more funds under management. The opportunity to scale up my activity by attracting more capital motivated me to participate in the program and I am proud to say I have qualified!


The PsyQuation Score™ is the result of 6+ years of scientific research combined with decades of trading experience. The higher the score, the more edge a trader has over another.

First, you would need to create a PsyQuation profile here. If you have created PsyQuation profile, connect it with your MT4 Trading account.

No, only Live MT4 accounts that meet the eligibility criteria will qualify for the Axi Select program. This is to ensure that any traders receiving funding allocations have “skin in the game”.

You can qualify using a Live MT4 account from any broker. However, to fully join the program and receive trading capital you will need an Axi account under SVG regulation. Your trading history from any other broker can be merged into your PsyQuation account.

Trader Account

PsyQuation has designed the Axi Select program so that the trader receiving the allocation has “skin in the game”. It means that the trader continues trading the account that qualifies for an allocation as the “Trader Account”.

Copier Account

Axi creates a new Copier Account and allocates trading capital to it. PsyQuation notifies the qualifying trader of the multiplier for the Copier Account to copy from the trader account. From now on we use our technology to copy everything the trader is doing on the Trader Account to Copier Account as per the mentioned multiplier.

Account Monitoring

We add Copier Account to the trader’s PsyQuation profile and provide the qualifying trader with an investor password for the Copier Account to enable real time monitoring.

You can find detailed criteria about the structure and stages in the full program description here.

The current program conditions allow earnings of 20% of profits, subject to a high watermark payable quarterly. Prior to acceptance, traders will receive a management agreement to ensure payment terms are covered by contract law.

The Axi Select program conditions allow for a maximum allocation of A$500,000 per trader. In addition, the PsyQuation Copy Trading platform (currently under development) will have no limit to the amount of capital you can raise from Investors.

You can find all accounts at their various stages of Incubator, Accelerator and Pro on tabs of the PsyQuation leaderboard.

The leaderboard includes the account’s history before joining the Axi Select program, and the max drawdown rule of 10% in a month only applies from when the program officially begins. Furthermore, a drawdown breach of 10% does not mean automatic expulsion from the program but usually results in a two month “on the bench” period before being considered for re-entry.

The multiplier for the Copier Account is the ratio between Copier Account Equity and Trader Account Equity at the beginning of the month, adjusted for currency.

You can influence the size of multiplier by making cash movements (i.e. deposit or withdrawal) on trader account and notifying us about this.

Please reach out to us at, we will be happy to help.

Join Axi Select now and become a full-time trader with a guaranteed A$500,000!