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PsyQuation is an AI-driven analytics platform providing MT4 traders with actionable insights to improve trading and discover trading strategies that work

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What insights

AI-driven insights on trading

Use the power of AI trained and tested on 140,000+ traders and scientific research to make better trading decisions and improve your performance.

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What capital

Capital allocation program

Get access to up to $500,000 of additional trading capital and fast track to a professional trader career.

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Who we are

Our mission is to identify and develop trading talent, and thereafter connect investors with above average traders.

We challenge the status quo of the forex market, where most traders lose money, either because they don’t have an edge or due to making costly trading mistakes.

As scientists and active members of the forex community, we built an algorithm able to measure and identify trading talent as well as help traders become better by powering their decisions with actionable insights.

The PsyQuation Score™

Discover unique ranking AI-powered algorithm that evaluates a trader’s edge. Compare yourself to the world’s top traders

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Allocation program

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Features that can improve your trading

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Near real-time equity curve

Monitor and control your risk better

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PsyQuation Score™

Track your skill and compare how you rank against other forex traders

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Built-in customizable alerts

Avoid trading mistakes and get data-driven insights

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Sophisticated trading tools

Get access to data usually reserved for institutional traders and hedge funds

Active PsyQuation community members who follow the platforms recommendations, analytic features and tools demonstrate tangible benefits


Overall performance improvement


Maximal drawdown improvement

Capital Allocation Program

Get an institutional verified track record as a professional trader and get access to additional capital

Axi Select is a capital allocation program designed by PsyQuation in partnership with Axi to assist talented traders on their journey to becoming full-time traders with a guaranteed 500,000 AUD available per trader

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Launched 17 Nov 2017

Program Capital


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Guaranteed per Trader


Performance Fees Paid


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  • PsyQuation Score
  • Basic and Advanced stats
  • Free Alerts
  • Free Trading Tools
  • PsyQuation Leaderboard
  • Realtime updates
  • Premium Tools
  • Premium Alerts
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Open an Axi account and get access to PsyQuation’s premium features

  • PsyQuation Score
  • Basic and Advanced stats
  • Free Alerts
  • Free Trading Tools
  • PsyQuation Leaderboard
  • Realtime updates
  • Premium Tools
  • Premium Alerts

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Level 13, 73 Miller Street,

North Sydney NSW 2060, Australia

Email: support@psyquation.com

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